We make foam mats out of EVA, in China. It has a smooth slippery skin on it. Too slippery.

We need to glue little PU or Silicone or CR or SBR or TPE or rubber “dots” to the back, to prevent slipping.

We have vendors offering such dots, stuck to a liner with 9448A. I also know there is an 9448HL.

Will either of those stick well to EVA? Is there something better
Which adhesive will stick best to PU, Silicone, CR, SBR, TPE or rubber?

It does us no good to have the glue stick to the EVA, only to then not stick well to the dots, which would then fall of the glue.

If there is no glue great for both, could we stick the dots to a backing, with a great glue for that material, and on the other side of the backing, use a different glue great for EVA?

WE have 100K dots a year to stick on, and they need to stay on, so I need your best advice.

Scott Matthew