I am looking for a suggestion for bonding a Brass threaded insert in a tapered Fiberglass hole on and enclosure. We purchase fiberglass enclosures from a supplier and occasionally we end up with an insert that pulls out. We then re-insert a new Brass Insert with Gel super glue, wait 30 minutes or so and then reinstall the lid of the enclosure and historically have not had any issues. We have had many more instances lately where many inserts are pulling and we are wondering if there is a better suited adhesive that will bond well both to the brass insert and also to the Fiberglass enclosure for a permanent hold. The brass insert is a small and will accept a 10-32 lid screw so the applicator would need to be something of comparable size and be able to be closed or sealed for use in the future. Curious what is out there. I know there is great knowledge out there, just trying to tap into it.