Anne here again, sharing a final update on my blacksmith renovation project, which is sponsored by 3M.

Ever since we moved to this property 3 years ago, I have wanted to turn this space into my dream blacksmith shop. I didn’t quite know where to start, which is why I’m so glad to be working on this with 3M. At any stage, if I had questions, I knew I could come straight to the 3M Industrial Community.

The first stage of the project was the cleanup. This space was being used as a makeshift chicken coop which had caused the building to almost rot away. With a lot of help from some really great friends, we managed to get it all cleaned up and ready to go.

Then it was time to start rebuilding the structure of the building, which included the windows. This is when I decided to get the 3M engineers’ advice on how to create some easy no-weld windows. They advised that I use 3M™ VHB™ Tape to create a metal to acrylic bond and slide the finished panels into place. It worked a treat and now we have some lovely sliding windows to increase airflow in the workshop.

The second stage of the window installation was getting some frosted windows installed on the other side of the shop so that people can’t see in from the road near the farm. I sanded some acrylic sheets and used 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) Adhesive to adhere these sheets to the side of the building.

The last major part of the project was to attach a gable vent to increase airflow in the forge. For the gable vent, I sanded the wood surfaces and cleaned them to prep for adhesion. I again used the PUR adhesive to adhere the pre-built gable vent to the studs of the building.

To seal in all my hard work on the workshop and protect it from Seattle rain, I used 3M Adhesive Sealant 740 UV.

Although the blacksmith shop is nearing completion there’s always more to do on the farm. I’m curious about other potential applications for the tape and PUR adhesive and thought the engineers on the 3M Industrial Community would be the best people to ask. Any ideas?